UN sustainable development goals

What is the UN sustainable development goals?

They are goals set on September 25th, 2015. The countries then adopted a set of new goals onto their list. The goals include ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensure prosperity for all. UN has specific targets connected to each goal that they like to achieve over the timespan of 15 years.


Personally, I think goal number 6 and goal number 13 is some of the most important to sustain. Especially now that the climate is changing so rapidly. Goal number 6 is just as important because the pollution of both drinking – and salt water is major. Therefore, it is crucial to sustain and fulfill in other to achieve other goals such as number 14 and a starting point for number 3.

I would also like to work more with goal 3 and 17 because I think it is important to have a solid healthcare system in every country, not just in the developed countries (also known as first world countries). For any of these goals to be sustainable we need to work together, and we therefore need to create partnerships to work towards these goals.

But, in other to even getting close to achieving these goals we need to educate each other. Education is the pinpoint to any progress or revolution. Number four “Quality education” touches on this. In 2015 the total enrolment rate reached 91 precent in developing countries, which is prodigious. The same year the ratio of children out of school dropped by almost half.  Even though this is great progress there is still 103 million youth that lack common or basic literacy skills, and more than 60 precent of that statistic consist of women.

No PovertyZero HungerGood Health and Well-BeingQuality educationGender EqualityClean water and sanitation

Affordable and clean energyDecent work and economic growthIndustry, innovation and infrastructureSustainable cities and communitiesResponsible consumption and production

Climate ActionLife below waterLife on landPeace, justice and strong institutionsPartnerships for the goals